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Nutritious, fun, healthy, tasty, exciting, energetic, bold, social, balanced, unique pair, delicious duo, joint joy, cosmic couple, organic and rich in soul

The Product

Each bar acts as a message/ symbol/ offering that is used as a tool

to make a unique personal connection. When you feel the hunger to grab a bar, take a second to look around and share your perforated package with a stranger or friend

ShareOneBars are only available for purchase online.


As an organically growing organization, the mission see's value in meeting demand for product 1:1 reducing waste

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Perforated Package
Perforated Package

With one tool, I nourish bodies and souls, spread good will and instigate an action that has an endlessly positive ripple effect

We are always gathering critical feedback about the product. Please leave any thoughts you have about it in the comments below. It's ok to sign as anonymous to protect your identity.

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